IPad Device Management with IOS 6

IPad Device Management with IOS 6

With the upcoming new OS from Apple –iOS6, the new iphones and iPads are now capable of performing various improved features for the IT consultants and departments. Mobile Device Management and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is becoming popular among various organizations. This move has been made especially to help employees gain access to the important information using their own capable mobile or handheld device.

This has helped employees a lot while travelling to other customer locations of while working remotely. Even this has improved the employee productivity by not been dependent on the devices or systems provided by the company.IPad Device Management with IOS 6

Enhanced Security and Device Management

New updates and enhancements in the softwares of Apple iOS6 with addition programming interfaces has even enabled the usage and integration of devices. New opportunities are now available for the corporate users and there is huge increase in demand of iPhone and iPad among corporates. A good reason for this is mainly due to the enhanced usability experience and even better security for the people.

With the help of increased level of security, IT departments are able to manage the devices even remotely through the help of profiles and even prevent the usage of unauthorized users which are not in the control. Even the IT departments of the companies are able to get better hold of the devices and even able to disable some of the applications which could be harmful for the device or for the user. Most of the organizations are always careful about security and Apple iOS6 has provided the better device management in terms of enhanced security for the users.

New Mobile device Management Features

There is a huge growth in enterprise market of the Apple iOS6 users with potential to grow rapidly and develop applications which can allow users to grow in business with enhanced features for mobile management. Many large companies are quickly responding to the market change and have even modified the applications to their needs. There are some new mobile device management features in the Apple iOS6 for the users which include following:

  • Global proxy for all the internet communication for the better enhanced monitoring of the activity happening in the devices
  • There are new single user modes which restricts the users to using the devices which are available for the users and customers in a retail location.
  • Introduction of time limited profiles which can automatically set the expiry date of the new profiles and grant temporary access.
  • There is also a policy which disables the iMessage text service for sending any free messages without any cost as this allows better regulation of device communication.
  • Also, there is huge improvement in profile to avoid any type of unauthorized profile set up for the devices.

There is possibility of removing any application or tool which could compromise security of the device. One can also set up home and lock screens with the company logo as this helps in setting a professional environment in the remote locations to look more professional or company-oriented device.

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