Amazon Web Services for Managers

Amazon Web Services For Managers: Top 4 Best Services

The website managers are the busiest people nowadays with various stuff that they need to handle all at once. They all are working through various different tools that are available making it a tough job. There are various tools that are making their life easy but still they have to shuffle between so many windows to get the job done. The e-commerce leader Amazon has looked into the various issues that are faced by the managers and thereby came up with the Amazon Web Service or simply know as AWS.

The company itself has been in the web business for so many years that they know exactly what is required by a web manager. They have formed a one stop solution for all the issues that are faced by the web developers in today’s world. We have summed up the various benefits of using this paid service offered by Amazon. The article will give you an insight to some major services.Amazon Web Services for Managers

Virtual Servers

The Amazon web services are offering a virtual server option where you can make your website using the power of cloud computing. The tool is really powerful as all the data will be online and no physical server will be required. The unlimited bandwidth and controlled bandwidth give you the flexibility to choose and pay for what you use and nothing extra. It is a really good option for new starters in the industry.


Amazon Backup is the best feature that is under AWS account that you create. The feature allows you to backup multiple websites under one single tool that is really user friendly. The data backup can be manually done or set on a fixed interval to backup automatically. The service allows you to store unto 5 TB of data, which is enormous in web terms. It is really interesting to see that the data security has been given a top priority. The passwords can be used to access these folders or buckets which are strongly ciphered by Amazon.

Remote Access

The account is universal and can be accessed from anywhere by using a simple plugin in the Mozilla Firefox browser or an application for Mac users. The data or the files that you are going to store online are accessible here by logging into your account. The FTP service also offers an amazing utility to share your data with other by HTTP or BitTorrent.  The data storage is really smooth and hassle free.

AWS Console Mobile App

The Amazon has revolutionized its service by coming up with a mobile application to manage your account and data. The managers can easily get access to all their files on their smartphones and work from anywhere. It is a very handy and easy to use application that is very well designed and user friendly. So, it is good news for developers as now no need to carry your laptop every time you go out.

Final Words

There are several other services that are under the Amazon Web Services tag, and you can choose according to your needs.

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