Amazon Glacier vs. CrashPlan

Amazon Glacier vs. CrashPlan and Other Backup Services

A lot of cloud storage options are available in market today. There are a lot of service providers available so choosing the best one for your requirements is important. There are users who want to store the data in a sorted way and need it to access the data quite often. There are other options where you want to backup and forget about the data. These options are comparatively cheap and suitable for such users.

The available options that are there in the market are Amazon Glacier, CrashPlan, BackBlaze etc. Those who are using the local drives and external hard drives to back up their data should look into the Cloud Storage options. In situation where your system and hard disk both crash then you will be stuck and regret spending a few bucks on these online storage options.Amazon Glacier vs. CrashPlan

We will compare the various mentioned options and help you choose the better option for your use. The comparison is based on the storage space that you require and the prices of these services. Let’s have a look.

Amazon Glacier

The Amazon Glacier offers an unlimited storage space at very low cost. You can back up all your data at one place. The user has to pay at the month end based upon his storage space used and transfer charges. Only drawback is a very slow process of uploading and downloading due to limited bandwidth which may be concern for some users. Still the data security and unlimited storage space make it the primary choice of many users.


CrashPlan is just like Glacier but a little up on the cost factor. The plans are pre decided and you have to choose it. There are some special plans that will offer you unlimited bandwidth and storage options as well but will cost accordingly. There are no transfer charges like Glacier though.

Amazon Glacier vs CrashPlan

The price for storing 1GB of data is just a penny. In CrashPlan various packages are pre decided by the company and you have to choose one of the plans. If you are using the cloud storage for small amount of data, then surely you should go with the Glacier. For example; if you are using 10 GB data plan of CrashPlan then you will have to pay $2.99 per month, whereas for Glacier you pay only $0.10. The difference is way too much.

CrashPlan’s unlimited backup for one computer is $5.99 a month, for which you will get 600 GB storage on Glacier for one month. Even after adding up the transfer charges of Glacier you will find that Amazon is offering a much cheaper service. CrashPlan offers better and attractive pricing if you pay for a year plan. So, if your data storage limit is less than 600 GB a month then your choice should be surely Glacier based on the pricing.

Final Words

Other storage options will also cost you around same value as CrashPlan with limited space for example; Dropbox, BackBlaze etc. We hope you were helped by the article.

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