Best website Backup Solutions

3 Best Website Backup Options in the Market Today to Look At

The website development is a very tedious job with a lot of management involved in the priority list. The web developers have to deal with various changes and fresh data entries all the time. The previous data is required to have a backup in state of crisis such as website break down. These issues are faced regularly by high traffic websites. The website backup is hence a very important part in website management. There are various tools available which are offering something better than the other. We have also surveyed and found few of them to be the top choice of web managers.

The article will brief you about the functionality of these backup options that are available in market. As these tools are paid, it becomes important that you invest in the right place to have better management of your backups and data. Let’s take a look at these options.Best website Backup Solutions

Amazon Backup

The American brand Amazon is better known for its worldwide success in e-commerce sector. Although parallel to that they run a lot of services under the name AWS – Amazon Web Services. The user-friendly management system is suitable for the power users who want to have a hassle-free experience in data management and backup. The backup tool offers a very convenient automatic backup facility which will allow you to set the suitable time interval for backing up the latest data entry on your site. It is providing a 5 TB online storage space that will be sufficient for any kind of website developers. The tool is accessible very easily with a plugin tool for Firefox. It also allows you to schedule your backup on your windows task scheduler. It is surely the top choice for everyone as the security and easy management are the priorities.

Dropbox – Backup Box

The commonly used smartphone application of Dropbox has come up with their website backup tool that is specially designed only for backing up your websites. The interface allows you to simply upload the files using an FTP account or by integrating it in your cPanel web hosting account. It is a good option if you want to keep the data in a compressed format. It also allows the automatic backup of the website, for which you can set the interval. The account is directly linked to your regular Dropbox account so it will help you in copying your uploaded data from Dropbox to Backup Box.

Resync Backup

Another straightforward tool is the Resync Backup. It can prove to be a gem when you are transferring data from one server to the other. The account setup is not so easy though but having a Linux based server will make it a very convenient tool. Once you are done with the setup then it will take care of rest. The tool will backup data on a single command for MySQL databases.

Final Words

The important aspect choosing a better option for you is obviously the budget and value-added services u may need.

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